Week 33 – Zombie Parasites

Now that you have learned about the many different ways organisms can live together,  we will focus on the type of symbiotic relationship called parasitism.  We will begin by watching a National Geographic video about zombie parasites.  The presenter, Anand Varma, applies his expertise in photography to the study of parasites.  Mr. Varma travels the world collecting specimen for study, and his ability to apply biological concepts to his work, think creatively, and drive to overcome failure make him and his work truly remarkable.

Next, read the article Meet the Parasites That Control Human Brains.  In your Week 33 Google Doc, create a section titled “Zombie Parasites” and share your thoughts on the following questions:

  • Why do zombie parasites persist?
  • What niche do they fill within an ecosystem?
  • Think about behaviors you see in yourself and those around you.  Ever wonder why people do what they do?
  • Does the existence of zombie parasites cause you to think differently about people and their actions?

Return to the Week 33 – Co-Evolution post and continue our work for the week.

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