Mitosis Project Resources

  1. Mitochondrial Replication
    1. Mitochondrial Fusion and Division
    2. Mitochondrial Replication and Genetics
    3. UCSB Science Line
    4. Mitochondrial DNA video
  2. Chloroplast Replication
    1. The Origin of Mitochondria and Chloroplasts
    2. Chloroplast Replication, Maintenance, and Repair
    3. How Do Mitochondria & Chloroplasts Resemble Bacteria?
  3. Binary Fission in Bacteria
    1. Binary Fission and other Forms of Reproduction in Bacteria
    2. Microbiology Online
    3. Binary Fission video
    4. Ted Talk: How Bacteria Talk
  4. Muscle Growth and Repair
    1. How Do Muscles Grow?
    2. History of Satellite Cells
    3. Satellite Cell video
  5. Epigenetics and Regulation of Gene Expression
    1. Epigenetics Learning Center
    2. Epigenetic Changes Can Cause Cancer
    3. Epigenetics and Heredity
    4. Epigenetics – Crash Course video
  6. Homeobox Genes in Embryogenesis
    1. Homeobox Genes and the Homeobox
    2. Homeobox Genes in Embryogenesis and Pathogenesis
    3. Development: Timing and Coordination video
  7. Limb Regeneration in Newts and Salamanders
    1. Newt Limb Regeneration
    2. Salamander Limb Regeneration
    3. Human Limb Regeneration
    4. Limb Regeneration video
    5. The Animal That Re-Grows Its Head
    6. Tissue Regeneration in Animals
  8. C. elegans Cell Fate Mapping
    1. Worm Classroom
    2. The Embryo Project – Fate Map
    3. Building a Dynamic Fate Map
    4. Live Cell Imaging System – future tech!
  9. Cancer and Metastasis
    1. The Evolution of Cancer
    2. Cell Biology and Cancer
    3. History of Cancer Treatment
    4. Coley’s Toxins
    5. Why Do We Get Cancer video
    6. Cancer as a Genetic Disease video
  10. The Effect of Smoking on Lung Cells
    1. Lung Cancer
    2. Smoking and the Lungs
    3. Marijuana and Lung Health
    4. Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke
    5. Health Effects of Vaping
  11. The Effect of Alcohol on Liver Cells
    1. Alcohol-Related Liver Disease
    2. Alcoholic Liver Disease
    3. Alcohol Metabolism
    4. Effect of Alcohol on Liver Regeneration
    5. Ted Talk: Alcohol and the Liver
  12. Retrovirus Infection
    1. Immunology and HIV
    2. HIV Life Cycle
    3. Human Retroviruses
    4. Retrovirus Overview
    5. The Science of HIV/AIDS
    6. Will Gene Therapy Cure Cancer?
    7. Immune System video

Let the learning begin!

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