Central Dogma: Initial Ideas

We began the new semester with a review of the Unit 2 Exam from last Thursday.  Students received their graded exams and we went over how the exam was scored and how the final scores were curved.  We went over the procedure writing question in detail, with students revising their procedures to better meet the criteria for writing a successful EOC-style procedure.  The procedure for the experiment was outlined on the white board, variables were identified, and students then were instructed to add the important missing details to make the procedure reproducible.

We pivoted to a brief acknowledgement of the Iowa caucuses this evening, with students voting on whether to keep the original grading system (second semester grades = the average of third and fourth quarters) or transition to a semester-long grade book.  After the final votes were tallied, students decided bya 48-40 margin to transition to the semester-long grade book.  Finally, we concluded class with an exit task where students were instructed to write down everything they know (or think they know) about DNA, genetics, inheritance, and related concepts.  After some private think time, student ideas were captured on a class poster, where each student was asked to contribute a unique idea.  The posters will be displayed and periodically updated to reflect new student learning as we progress through the new unit.

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