Central Dogma: Strawberry DNA Lab Results

With the short class period, we briefly reviewed the science behind the strawberry DNA extraction solution by watching a segment of the video below (beginning at about the 3:00 mark):

Students then located their DNA samples from yesterday.  Although our microcentrifuge stopped working toward the end of 3rd period, students had the opportunity to observe their samples and use laboratory-grade micropipettes to transfer a small volume of their DNA samples to glass slides.  The samples were visualized using our class digital microscope connected to the projector for all to see.  Students in 2nd and 3rd period were able to compare findings after centrifuging their samples, while students in 4th and 5th periods had more time to prepare and observe samples under the microscope.  Notes from the whiteboard, as well as a selection of microscope pictures (some potentially showing several DNA strand clusters and others showing cellular debris with some possible DNA strand clusters), are shown below:

Second Period Observations
Third Period Observations


Weather: Kelvin Scale

Because of the altered class schedule yesterday and the short class period today, we skipped Lesson 52 and moved ahead to Lesson 53.  We will return to Lesson 52, which involves a lab where students make rudimentary thermometers, when we return from the 4-day holiday break on Wednesday (2/17).  Today, class began with a short SciShow video about the Kelvin Scale:

After the video, students worked through the Lesson 53 Worksheet.  The Lesson 53 PowerPoint is available for review by clicking here.  For homework, students should complete textbook questions 6, 9, 11, and 12 or take notes on the lesson.