Weeks 34-35 – Toxicology

Toxicology is the the scientific study of the adverse effects of chemical substances on the living organism (Merriam-Webster).  In Slide 1, you identified the chemical structure of a toxin molecule.  In Slide 2, you will further define the biochemical properties of the molecule.  To begin, click on the link in Slide 1 and return to the PubChem database entry for your toxin molecule.

Instructions for Slide 2:

  • Add Slide 2 to your Google Slides deck and title it “Toxicology”
  • On Slide 2, answer the following:
    • How does the toxin interact with the human body?
      • Explain effects on the body as a whole, on specific organs, and at the cellular level.
      • Does the toxin act directly on cells, and if so, how?
      • Is the toxin metabolized by the kidneys or liver, and if so, how?
    • Are there treatments available for people who are exposed to the toxin?
      • If yes, how do treatments to the toxin work? Explain the mechanism of action for each treatment:
        • Does the treatment act against the toxin directly?
        • Does the treatment act on the body to protect against the toxin?
        • Does the treatment act on a metabolite produced after the toxin is metabolized by the liver or kidneys?
      • If no, look for evidence of failed treatments.
      • If you can’t find any information at all regarding treatment, propose a treatment and explain your thinking.

Need help?  You have options:

  1. Click here and watch a video of Mr. Swart guiding you through the process of conducting the research to complete Slide 2.  You will also be provided with an example of Slide 2.
  2. Attend office hours on Tuesday and/or Thursday
  3. Email Mr. Swart with specific and detailed questions.

When finished with Slide 2, return to Weeks 34-35 – How Much Is Too Much? and continue working.

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