Weeks 34-35 – What’s Wrong with Claire?

To conclude our learning about enzymes, complete the Enzymes STEM Case Gizmo.  This is a new type of Gizmo – everything is self-contained within the simulation.  No packet to complete!  Work through the STEM Case to find out what’s wrong with Claire.  Hint: it has something to do with her enzymes!  To receive credit for the assignment:

  1. Create a Google Doc titled “What’s Wrong with Claire? – Your Name” (example: What’s Wrong with Claire? – Pierre Swart)
  2. Copy and your first Hypothesis statement from the Gizmo and paste it into your Google Doc
  3. Repeat step 2 each time you revise your hypothesis
  4. Briefly explain what was wrong with Claire
  5. Take a screenshot of the Case Completed screen
  6. Share the Google doc with Mr. Swart at david.swart@g.highlineschools.org

Return to the Weeks 34-35 – Lactase Persistence post and continue our work for the week.

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