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Weather: Chapter 10 Quiz

In preparation for the Chapter 10 Quiz, students worked together as a class to answer the Chapter 10 practice questions at the end of the chapter.  Pictures of their work written on the whiteboards are shown below:

Students may use one page of notes for the quiz.  After the quiz, students will prepare for tomorrow’s activity (they will have a substitute teacher) by writing a procedure for how to measure the interior volume of our classroom, taking into account the volume occupied by fixed structures.

Weather: Density, Temperature, and Fronts

In the final lesson of Chapter 10, students focused their learning of temperature and volume back on the concept of weather as it relates to warm and cold fronts and the formation of clouds.  We worked through the ChemCatalyst in the Lesson 55 PowerPoint and then watched a clip of Kenvin Delaney, Jimmy Fallon, and Lucy Liu experiment with matter of different densities:

Students then worked through the Lesson 55 Worksheet which calls for them to reference the Weather Variables worksheet from Lesson 49.  For homework, students were assigned textbook questions 1, 3, 4, and 5.

Weather: Weather Science

We launched Unit 3 with an overview of how to make sense of the various types of weather maps used to predict weather.  The Lesson 49 PowerPointLesson 49 Worksheet, and the Weather Variables handout are available for download.  For more information about the jet stream, check out the short video below:

For weather forecast data, visit the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Virtual Map Room.  Lesson 49 textbook questions 1, 2, and 6 were assigned as homework.  To help connect the concepts of temperature, volume, and pressure, we also watched Kevin Delaney performing on Jimmy Fallon: