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Variation and Inheritance: Unit 4 Exam

To conclude Unit 4, students received an April Fool’s packet consisting of a set of instructions, the 2014 Biology End of Course practice exam, and the Unit 4 Exam.  Due to some confusion on behalf of our substitute on Friday, April 1, many students needed additional clarification of the packet instructions, as well as additional time to complete the quiz.  So on Monday, April 11 (after Spring Break), students had the class period to complete the quiz and other missing work.  Quarter 3 grades will be entered into Illuminate tomorrow after school (April 12), so all student work must be in my possession by the end of the school day tomorrow to count toward the quarter grade.  A list of recent assignments was written on the white board all day today as a reminder to students and a picture of the list is shown below:


Reproduction, Inheritance, and Meiosis: Unit Exam

We closed out the unit today with a review of dihybrid crosses.  Students received their scored unit quizzes from last Friday, and the common theme across all of my classes was that students needed more practice with dihybrid crosses.  After the review today, students received a copy of the unit exam.  They must turn it in on Monday, along with the scored copy of the quiz.  Students who demonstrate improvement on the dihybrid cross question on the exam will have that question’s score substituted for the score the received on a similar question on the quiz.  Good luck!