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Cells & Homeostasis: Critter Diagram

Welcome back, Pirates!  It was nice to meet so many new people today.  With 20 minute periods, our accomplishments were limited to taking attendance, handing out the course syllabus, previewing the class website, and creating a critter diagram.  The critter diagram helps students share a bit about themselves with me and also introduces them to a technique for organizing information.  Next week, we will learn about systems and networks, and the critter diagram will provide students with a reference for discussing the concepts of nodes and edges in a network.

Nature of Science: Critter Diagram

Today was a busy day!  We started off with a thorough review of the class Syllabus.  Students also received a copy of the class Safety Contract.  Both documents must be signed by the student and their legal guardian and returned tomorrow for credit.  Next, we checked out textbooks in the library.  Textbooks should be left at home or in a safe place where they can be easily accessed if needed.  If textbooks are needed in class, students will receive advanced notice.  We ended the day back in class completing the Entry Task for today.  Students must complete the writing portion and attempt to complete the critter diagram as homework.  Tomorrow we will use the critter diagrams as a tool both to meet each other and to begin the process of learning how to construct networks to model information flow.