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Cells & Homeostasis: Assemble PBL Posters

Student groups received their printed Google Doc materials and a used tri-fold poster board.  They were provided with Pirate yellow paper to re-cover the tri-folds and then began sketching out how their content would be attached to their boards.  The process helped students identify remaining areas of need so they can focus their efforts on Thursday, our final class day in a computer lab.  The pictures below show an example tri-fold layout for students who need some inspiration and guidance, as well as a list of goals for the rest of the week.

Tri-fold example
Goals for the week

Cells & Homeostasis: PBL Research – Day 2

For our second day of project work, student groups were tasked with identifying a primary stakeholder and then actually drafting an email to the stakeholder.  The pictures below show the instructions provided to students in identifying an appropriate primary stakeholder and in crafting the email to the stakeholder.  Students reached out to a wide variety of stakeholders throughout the day, including local marine scientists, restaurant owners, community groups interested in the environment, local government officials, and elementary school teachers.  Student groups were then tasked with coming up with at least three different project ideas which both meet the goal of the mission and meet the needs and interests of the primary stakeholder.  Students continued to document their collaborative work in the shared Google Doc.