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Toxins: Avogadro’s Number

For Lesson 76, students gained practice working with scientific notation in the context of Avogadro’s Number (really big numbers) and the mass of small numbers of particles (really small numbers).  We began class by working through part B of the ChemCatalyst from Lesson 75.  Notes from the work are shown below:

We then transitioned into the Lesson 76 Worksheet (we did not use the Lesson 76 PowerPoint but it is provided here for reference).  We worked through some of the table on page 2 of the worksheet, and then students used the remainder of the class period to work together to complete the worksheet.  For homework, students were assigned to complete any 3 problems from the textbook.

Weather: Unit Conversion & Significant Figures

With the HHS teachers out of the classroom for a Professional Development meeting on Thursday, students worked independently in small groups on an activity called Can You Lift It? The activity called for students to measure and calculate the interior volume of the classroom and then use that volume, along with density values that needed to be researched, to calculate the mass of the room filled with the indicated materials.  The activity required students to successfully use dimensional analysis.

To help students better understand how to perform dimensional analysis calculations, the Dimensional Analysis section of Appendix A in the back of the textbook (pages A16-17) was offered as extra credit (+10EC).  Additionally, the Scientific Notation section (Appendix A, pages A14-16) was also offered.  Students are also encouraged to watch the Crash Course video below for additional instruction on both topics: