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Toxins: Chapter 13 Quiz

With the short week, students have the opportunity to use Thursday to:

  • Catch up on missing work (Lesson 72 Q#4 and Lesson 73 Qs #1-7)
  • Practice balancing equations using the new HTML5 (Chromebook compatible!) Balancing Chemical Equations PhET Simulation
  • Finish categorizing the types of reactions (Lesson 73 WS)
  • Complete the Chapter 13 Quiz, which will consist of the Chapter 13 Summary questions #1-4 on page 379 of the textbook (due Monday).

Central Dogma: Central Dogma Quiz

As promised last Friday, students were greeted with a quiz to start the short school week.  With the two copy machines unavailable this morning, we were extremely fortunate to have the Chromebook cart available to us today.  Students accessed the quiz on Google Classroom and answered the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  Students will have an additional 15 minutes of class time tomorrow to complete the quiz.

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Writing Assessment Redux

After grading the writing assessment from last Friday, it became apparent that the assessment did not accurately reflect student understanding of the content.  We briefly discussed the reason for this, with students explaining the scenario was confusing and they did not have enough time with the short Friday class period to formulate a solid explanation.  With the need remaining for students to “show what they know,” students received a new assessment organized more like an assignment and focused on drawing out student content knowledge.  The new assessment helped students build a framework upon which they could then “write to explain” the process of digestion and biomolecule metabolism.  This assessment, along with work from the student’s Unit 2 portfolio and

Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 3 came to a close today with a quiz.  This marked the first time students were assessed with a chapter quiz without having previously seen an alternate version of the quiz.  The results varied widely, with a top score of 19/20, a low score of 4/20, and an average of 11/20. The results indicate some re-teaching may be necessary in addition to a renewed commitment by students to maintain the high level of study habits required for success in chemistry class.  It may also indicate the extended length of the current chapter made it challenging for students to maintain the focus needed to maintain content mastery.  We will discuss as a class on Monday.

Cells & Homeostasis: HAB Quiz

We concluded the week with a quiz designed to assess student knowledge of harmful algal blooms (HAB).  Back on October 6, Christine and Jarrett from the Environmental Science Lab came to our school and met with students in the library in preparation for the field trip.  During the visit, they engaged students in a “quiz show” format game, and students were instructed to take notes for a future quiz.  Today was that day.  In addition to questions about HAB, students were asked to evaluate how well their group worked this past week and to establish a goal for next week.  Finally, students were asked for feedback about the project, and their feedback will help guide the resources that are made available as they work next week.

Cells & Homeostasis: Cell Membrane Function Quiz

As promised, students were quizzed on their understanding of the content we covered on Monday’s lesson on Membrane Function.  Specifically, students needed to apply their learning of several key vocabulary terms to an example of a plant in a solution analogous to an egg in corn syrup.  Because the quiz was content-rich, students were allowed to use their written notes, as well as their phones to access the PowerPoint from Monday’s lesson.  As we progress into the year, supports like using notes on quizzes will be removed, with students having to improve study habits in order to commit content to memory.