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Weather: High and Low Air Pressure

For the final lesson of Chapter 11, students conducted the”cloud in a bottle” lab.  They added warm water to two-liter bottles and then filled the bottles with smoke.  By squeezing and releasing the bottles, students observed cloud formation.  They repeated the experiment with bottles filled with cold water and without water and made observations on the Lesson 62 Worksheet.  The Lesson 62 PowerPoint is available here as a resource.  In place of homework, students were encouraged to prepare a page of notes to use for the Chapter 11 Quiz tomorrow.  Pictures of the whiteboard, including a list of key notes to take for the quiz tomorrow and some thinking about warm and cold front interactions.

Central Dogma: Strawberry DNA Extraction Lab

With the Curriculum Fair resulting in shortened class periods, students worked incredibly efficiently in small groups to extract DNA from strawberries.  We modified the procedure written the day before such that groups of 4 students worked together to prepare 500 mL of extraction solution using one of the 5 available liquid soap products (450 mL water + 50 mL soap + 1 tsp salt).  Each student then extracted DNA from their strawberry and saved an aliquot of the extracted DNA in an Eppendorf tube labeled with the student’s initials which will be used in class tomorrow for further study and analysis.