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Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Formulas for Ionic Compounds

We worked through student questions about Lesson 20 for the first part of class, with several of the questions guiding students through the learning the textbook intended to introduce through the Salty Eights game in Lesson 21.  Rather than play the game, students instead used the last part of class to begin working with molecular modeling kits (something they will be introduced to later in the textbook).  Although we did not use it today, the Lesson 21 PowerPoint is available for download.  We will work through portions of the Lesson 21 worksheet tomorrow, playing the game at the beginning of class.

IMG_0097 IMG_0098

Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Ionic Compounds

We began the class period by discussing questions students had about Lessons 17-19.  The whiteboard work is shown below:


We extended our learning about ions to the study of ionic compounds, reviewing the Lesson 20 PowerPoint which included the vocabulary terms of cation and anion and learning about how different numbers of anions and cations combine by following the Rule of Zero Charge.  Students worked on the Lesson 20 Worksheet and for homework should complete Lesson 20 textbook questions #1-7 and read Lesson 21 in the textbook.