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Evolution: Evolving Bodies, Evolving Switches

Today, students watched the HHMI Biointeractive video titled Evolving Bodies, Evolving Switches (watch below).  The video explains how the stickleback fish has evolved and adapted to its environment, and shows how scientists are using genetics to further understanding of evolution as well as developmental biology.  After watching the video, students completed a worksheet to reinforce and extend their learning.

Evolution: Evolution Unit Review

With the extra advisory period inserted into the day to enable students to complete the final school-wide writing to explain assessment, we used the shortened class period to review the learning thus far in the evolution unit.  We crowd-sourced a set of class notes and an example from one of the class periods is pictured below.  We covered the major learning concepts from the Cosmos video, the malaria/sickle cell case study, the icefish video, and the evolution of Darwin’s finches.


Evolution: Some of the things that molecules do

As an introduction to our final unit this year, we watched Cosmos, Episode 2: Some of the Things That Molecules Do.  Students responded to worksheet questions while they watched, and the worksheet is due tomorrow at the beginning of class for full credit.  Late work will now be accepted for 65% credit.  The entire Cosmos series is available streaming on Netflix, and Netflix offers a one month free trial for students who do not currently subscribe.

Reminder: Biology EOC review sessions will be held tomorrow (5/12), Thursday (5/14), and the following Tuesday (5/19) in my room after school from 2:20-3:30.  Students are also encouraged to continue working through the EOC study guide that went home with them on Friday.