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Energy, Matter, and Organization: Ocean Acidification – Day 1

We kicked off the lesson with an entry task focused on why we use fossil fuel combustion (to produce energy).  Students were then asked to consider one unintended consequence of fossil fuel combustion (releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).  We followed that discussion with a video about ocean acidification (below) before concluding the lesson with an experiment in which students re-created the conditions of ocean acidification by measuring the change in pH after exhaling through a straw placed in water for one minute.


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Combustion – Day 2

We continued our study of combustion with a review of why burning candles lose mass.  We watched a video in which Mr. Anderson describes not only the process of combustion but also the concept of Conservation of Mass.  At the end of the video, he mentions how neat a candle burning in the space shuttle looks, so I also included a video of the recent FLEX2 experiment aboard the International Space Station.  After the lesson, students completed a quiz connecting the concepts of combustion, cellular respiration, and photosynthesis.

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Combustion – Day 1

The lesson for Monday centered on the concept of combustion.  We dove into vocabulary about chemistry and even balanced an equation!  We then created a table comparing photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and combustion.  Because some classes were ready, we also discussed the combustion of paraffin wax in a burning candle.  Yesterday’s lesson can be viewed by clicking here.