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Energy, Matter, and Organization: Biomolecule Metabolism Writing Assessment

Students used the class period to complete a writing assessment in which they were asked to explain how your body can take in the materials from a “beef burger” and make it a part of you.  The assessment was taken by all biology students and will be used both to assess individual student learning and to help the science department determine student growth in the area of writing.  At the end of class, students turned in the writing assessment along with their Unit 2 portfolio work for grading.

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Biomolecules Reading

To reinforce learning from the video yesterday, we reviewed how the digestive system processes biomolecules into subunits which are then recycled into new biomolecules.  White board notes are shown below:

After, students worked on the Biomolecules Reading assignment in Google Classroom.  Students have the option of completing the reading and Google Doc worksheet alone, in pairs, or in groups of four.  However, each student must turn in an assignment.

Energy, Matter, and Organization: Biomolecules

We began the day with an entry task designed to pull forward student learning about cellular respiration just before the Thanksgiving holiday break.  The white board summary showing the entry task, as well as the formulas for both cellular respiration and photosynthesis are shown below:

We then transitioned to a class assignment where students were divided into four teams, with each team responsible for answering one quarter of the worksheet questions answered in the Crash Course Biomolecules video (below).  After the video, student groups worked together to talk through their responses to ensure consistency.  Finally, students re-grouped in order to share answers, thus serving to review the video content and provide students the opportunity to discuss and debate answers.