Week 38 – Career Exploration: Butcher

Every year when we do dissections, there are always students who are shocked to find out they are absolutely fascinated by anatomy.  In fact, the students who are often the most reluctant before the dissection lab tend to be the most excited about it by the end.  Understanding the anatomy of different animals not only helps us better understand the world around us, it helps us better understand ourselves.  An appreciation of animal anatomy can open our minds to considering a variety of career paths.  Science and Medicine have vast numbers of careers that require varying levels of understanding anatomy: doctors, nurses, veterinarians, dentists, scientists, and all of the technical staff that support them.  But there are so many other careers out there.  Chefs and Head Cooks have to understand how to prepare different cuts of meat.  Butchers are even closer to the source: they are experts in the field of removing meat from a source animal and providing those cuts for us to eat.

It’s important to understand where our food comes from, and to appreciate the people who make it possible for us to eat without having to go out and catch our own food.  In the future, the career of butcher may transform into a career of food scientist specializing in the production of lab-grown meat.  Check out that future career below:

When finished, return to Week 38 – Dissection Lab and continue working.

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