Week 37 – The Origin of Humans

We conclude our study of evolution with at a look at our own evolved humanity.  Watch the video below, focusing your attention on both the evolution-related content as well as on the types of jobs you see people doing.  Can you imagine yourself pursuing any of the careers shown?  After watching the video, complete the Origin of Humans Google Form assignment with questions about the video.  The video is also embedded in the Google Form assignment so you can easily reference it when answering the questions.

Next, it’s time to visit the Australian Museum.  The staff there have assembled an amazing collection of resources to extend your learning about human evolution.  Before you go, here’s the assignment:

  1. Read an article from the collection.
  2. Summarize your learning about the article in the Human Evolution Google Form.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, but with an article from a different group of articles.  For example, if you read an article from the first group (Becoming human), your next two articles must be from other groups (for example, Where do we fit in? and Meet the family).
  4. Click here to visit the museum.
  5. Fill out the Google Form for your articles (worth +10 assignment points each)

When finished, return to Week 37 – Human Evolution and continue working.

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