Week 36 – Show Me the Veggies!

The pictures below are of 25 different garden vegetables that were only seeds three weeks ago.  Some plants clearly grow faster than others.  In fact, quite a few seeds have yet to germinate, so this project isn’t quite as big as it could have been!  What project?  I’m glad you asked!  This week, you have a choice.  For either project, you will observe the plants carefully, writing down your observations for each plant in a Google Doc.  Using your observations as evidence, you will either construct a phylogenetic tree or a dichotomous key.  Both are worth 40 project points each.  You must do one, you may do both.  Doing both projects will earn you 40 bonus project points.  Select the project you would like to complete and click on the link below for details.

Brussel Sprout
Romaine Lettuce
Jalapeño Pepper
Roma Tomato
Black Beauty Squash
Purple Top Turnips
Blue Kale
Bush Beans
Swiss Chard
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
Red Cabbage
Sugar Snap Pea

Return to Week 36 – Inferring with Evidence and continue working.

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