Week 36 – Mint Plant Cuttings

Looking to grow some new plants for free?  If you know someone with an herb garden, ask for a couple of mint cuttings.  Wrap the ends of the cut mint plants in a moist paper towel and place them in a plastic bag.  As quickly as possible, transfer the cut off the lower leaves and place the stem in water.  Add water as needed to ensure the stem stays submerged.  After about a week, your mint will sprout roots!  Let the roots grow for a few more days, then transplant the mint cutting to soil.  You have a new mint plant!

Here’s a photo of our small herb garden:

Using clean scissors, I cut the top 6 inches off of some mint plants, removed the lower leaves, and placed them in containers of water.

A week later, the mint cuttings had roots!  I’ll give them another few days to grow roots and then transplant them outside in our expanded herb garden barrel.

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