Week 33 – Biological Warfare and the Co-Evolutionary Arms Race

For the final part of our work this week, it’s time for college!  Visit the UC Berkeley Understanding Evolution website and complete the following:

  1. In your Week 33 Google Doc, create a section titled “UC Berkeley Understanding Evolution”
  2. Read through the Co-evolution section (page 20) and answer the following question:
    • How are Acacia plants and ants an example of co-evolution?
  3. Read through the Case Study of Co-evolution section (page 21 and page 22) and answer the following questions:
    • Explain the co-evolutionary relationships between Red Squirrels, Crossbilled Birds, Lodgepole Pines.
  4. Read through the Biological warfare and the co-evolutionary arms race case study. Click the link to go to the first slide.  There are 12 slides total.  Read through the slides, then answer the following questions:
    • What is co-evolution?
    • How do living and non-living environments shape organisms through natural selection?
    • How do evolutionary trade-offs restrict adaptation?
    • How can we use the methods of science to answer questions about the natural world?

Return to the Week 33 – Co-Evolution post and continue our work for the week.

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