Week 31 – Timeline of Biological Classification

We continue our investigation into the history of biological research by moving past Charles Darwin and learning about the work of Carl Linnaeus, the “father” of modern taxonomy.  To begin this week’s assignment, follow the steps:

  1. Create a Google Doc titled “Week 31 – Your Name” (example: Week 31 – Carter Swart).
  2. Create a section titled History of Taxonomy
  3. To place the concept of taxonomy into historical perspective:
    • Click the links below
    • Read about the subject
    • Briefly summarize the historical importance of each of the 5 people into your Google Doc.  (For reference, a link to a previous lesson about Watson & Crick’s discovery of the structure of DNA is also included, as are links to the texts by Darwin and Linnaeus.  These do not need to be read or summarized but are good review materials).

Return to the Week 31 – Biological Classification post and continue our work for the week.

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