Week 31 – Biological Classification POGIL

Next, watch the Crash Course video below to learn about the concept of taxonomy:

Then download and complete the Biological Classification POGIL (PDF) and email Mr. Swart with any questions and/or attend office hours.  Options for showing your work include:

  • Print your own copy, fill it out, and then email Mr. Swart with pictures of your completed work, or
  • Write answers to the POGIL questions in your Week 31 Google Doc into a new section titled “Biological Classification POGIL Answers”, or
  • Save a copy of the POGIL as a PDF and upload it to your Google Drive account.  From there, open it and click the “add a comment” button in the upper right part of the screen (looks like a comment box with a + sign inside).  Then highlight the question you are answering and then answer the question in the comment box.

Return to the Week 31 – Biological Classification post and continue our work for the week.

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