Week 30 – Biology Refresher

For the remainder of the school year, we will be learning about evolution.  After being out of school for the last month, you might be feeling a little bit lost with this week’s lesson.  Time to refresh!

Unit 1 focused on making the connection between molecules and organisms.  You learned about cells, biomolecules, and metabolism, Central Dogma, and homeostasis.  All of that helped you answer the question: How do organisms live and grow?

Unit 2 focused on Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics.  You took a virtual road trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Along the way, you explained how and why organisms interact with their environment, and evaluated the effects of those interactions through the lens of rewilding.

Unit 3 focused on Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits.  You learned about cystic fibrosis and how genes, found on chromosomes, code for traits.  You then researched a gene on a chromosome and shared your learning with the class.  Throughout the unit, you acquired the knowledge necessary to explain how characteristics of one generation are passed to the next, and why individuals of the same species and even siblings have different characteristics.

If any of this feels like a distant memory, you need to review!  Browse through the units, focus on areas that seem unfamiliar, and own your learning.  As we work through Unit 4, Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity, we will answer the following Research Question: What evidence shows that different species are related?  We will draw from our learning from throughout the year to answer the Research Question – buckle up!

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