Week 30 – Biology Logistics

First off, we need to “talk” logistics, or how our science class will operate as we engage in distance learning:

  1. Tuesdays are new Science learning days.
  2. New Biology lessons will be posted each week on Monday mornings at 8:00 (in case you want to get ahead!)
  3. Work for the week is due by Sunday at 11:59pm after the Tuesday it was assigned.
  4. Office hours will take place through Zoom meetings on Tuesdays (11am-12pm) and Thursdays (1pm-2pm).
  5. You will receive meeting instructions to your student Gmail before each meeting.  Attendance is optional but encouraged.
  6. Check your student Gmail account daily.  Email me any time with any questions, comments, or concerns you have.
  7. To make sure you fully comprehend the information on this page, take the Week 30 – Logistics Quiz!
  8. After completing the quiz, go back to the Week 30 – Darwin’s Voyage page and proceed to Step 2.

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