Infectious Disease

Student Contributor!

What is an infectious disease? An infectious disease is a disease and/or sickness that can be spread by personal contact. What i mean by personal contact is if for example you have the common cold you can easily give someone the cold just by touching them, coughing, or just by sneezing beside them. Examples of some infectious diseases are the flu, the common cold, a strep throat, etc.

 How do you get an infectious disease? A few ways you can catch a sickness is if someone who’s sick sneezes. Sneezing is a way for a person to let out those germs that were in your body, a sneeze can produce droplets that contain those germs and it can stay in the air for at least 10 minutes, so that’s why you need to cover your mouth when you sneeze. It can also spread through skin to skin contact, coughing, and contaminated items. 

How can you prevent an infectious disease? Ways to prevent your sickness from spreading is to wash your hands as much as possible. You want all those germs that are of your hands to be gone so that way you don’t get others sick when you touch them. Other ways to prevent illnesses is to not touch your face, get enough sleep, eat healthy, and work out regularly.

What can you get rid of an infectious disease? Illnesses like the cold, a fever, or like the flu can be treated easily as long as you don’t spread it to others. You can treat illnesses like these by letting your body rest and heal by itself, your white blood cells are working hard to get rid of the germs that are causing the sickness. Other ways of getting rid of your illness is to stay hydrated, relieve your pain, and consume warm liquids.

One important way you can help to stop a big infectious disease is to stay home and slow the process of that illness from spreading from  person to person. These pieces of information can hopefully help you stay safe during this outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and help the cases go decrease by staying home. And if you are sick from a different illness then please take care of you and the people around you by looking at ways to prevent your sickness from spreading. 


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