Biology Honors Credit

During the three-week long shut-down, biology students who wish to earn Honors credit had the opportunity to continue their learning with assignments that are now required learning.  Several of you shared Google Docs with me which documented your efforts to work through some of the material.  I sincerely applaud your efforts!  Keep up the good work!

Now that we are back “in school” via distance learning and have the go-ahead to begin teaching new material, many of the assignments originally labeled as Honors credit work will now be required new learning for everyone.

The criteria for earning Honors this semester has been simplified for this class: Students who earn an A for the semester in Mr. Swart’s Biology class will receive Honors credit. This is not a simple task, especially given the challenge of distance learning.  However, I invite you all to give it your best effort and make it your goal to earn Honors credit!

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