Experimental Design Challenge

Note: This experiment is being postponed and will be re-visited after Spring Break.  Timelines and deadlines will be revised soon.  Thank you for your patience as we await guidance from our school district.  

Experimental Design Challenge!

Background: You have a Red Tip Photinia tree in your yard that needs to be removed.  It’s growing too close to your house and you are concerned about foundation damage if it gets any bigger.  Inspired by Groot, you decide to propagate the plant by taking cuttings and planting them in a new location.  Now comes the hard part: what to do?

Observations: The plant is currently growing like crazy because Spring has arrived.  The part of each branch closes to the trunk has a woody stem, while the new branch growth stem is red in color.

Materials: You intend to plant the cuttings directly into the soil in your yard.  The best available section of your yard to conduct the experiment is along the western fence line.  You also bought rooting hormone powder and want to determine: 1) will it promote root growth as advertised and 2) will using it result in healthier new plants?

Challenge: Design an experiment to determine the best way to propagate the plant.

Deadline: Create a Google Doc titled “Will It Grow – Your Name” and share it with Mr. Swart.  Write the Purpose and Procedure sections.  First drafts must be shared no later than Wednesday, March 25.  The experiment will begin Friday, March 27 and will end Friday, April 24.  You will be responsible for completing the Results and Conclusion sections of your Google Doc.  When you are finished, your lab report grade for this document will replace your lowest lab report score from 2nd semester.  Lab reports will be due Friday, May 1.

Data Collection: Between March 27 and April 24, data will be collected and posted to this page.

Disclaimer: In the event school does not reopen on Monday, April 27, Mr. Swart reserves the right to extend deadlines and data collection so we can learn as much as possible from this experiment.


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