Combustion Lab

Class began with a reminder that all work from lessons 70-73 (chapter 13) must be turned in at the start of class on Monday morning for full credit.

For our work today, we reviewed the combustion of propane and balanced the equation, then carried out an experiment in which a candle (made of paraffin wax, another hydrocarbon) is combusted under a bell jar.  We timed how long the candle burned for, and also measured the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the room (before combustion) and under the bell jar (after the candle extinguished).

Next, we wrote the chemical equations for combining hydrogen peroxide and bleach (producing oxygen) and for combining baking soda and vinegar (producing carbon dioxide).  We evaluated the effect of combustion in the presence of excess oxygen or carbon dioxide, measuring how long the candle burned as our endpoint.

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