Advisory Lesson – CDC Scavenger Hunt

The Great CDC Scavenger Hunt (Centers for Disease Control)

For Advisory today, students are instructed to work with a partner to complete a scavenger hunt lesson prepared by Highline Public Schools central office staff.

Students must find the following 10 items on the CDC website, then add html links to the Google Form.  The first team to successfully complete the Google Form wins!

Here are the ten Scavenger Hunt items:

  1. When are the times that are most important to wash hands?
  2. What is the proper way you should wash your hands?
  3. Do sanitizers work for all people as tools to kill viruses?
  4. Do disinfecting wipes work effectively?
  5. Is sneezing and coughing on clothes better than using a tissue paper?
  6. How do viruses change?
  7. What is the most effective soap for young kids?
  8. What is the impact of toilet seats on the spread of communicable disease?
  9. What are places that are high risk for contamination?
  10. What are places in school that are high risk for contamination?

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