Gas Laws Mini-Unit Review

In preparation for the Mini-Unit 3 Exam tomorrow, students had the class period to:

  • Review for the exam
  • Complete Dry Ice Sublimation lab report
    • Due tomorrow at 11:59 PM – no exceptions
    • Share Google Doc with Mr. Swart
  • Complete and turn in all late Unit 3 work (60% max credit)
    • Due tomorrow – final deadline
  • Work on Honors projects
    • Due tomorrow – no exceptions

The notes below are provided to help students begin preparing for the exam tomorrow.  Students should ask all the questions today!  Do not wait until the test tomorrow to realize you need help.  Office hours are after school today until 3:00.

Combined Gas Law
Combined Gas Law
Ideal Gas Law Flow Chart
Ideal Gas Law Flow Chart
Practice conversions (grams to moles to molecules to atoms)