Stable and Radioactive Isotopes

We began the class period with an entry task (solution shown below) to review average atomic mass calculations.  We followed it with an “After” Entry Task which introduced students to the Chart of Naturally Occurring Isotopes. Pictures of both are shown below:



Next, we watched a segment of the NOVA video Hunting the Elements, beginning at 1:39:33 and ending at 1:52:04.  The video served to remind students about last week’s lesson about isotopes (Lesson 13) and to help prepare them for our work this week.

After the video, students received copies of the Lesson 14 Worksheet and had time to complete the front side of the worksheet before class ended. Students were introduced to yet another way to write isotopes (below):


We will work through the remainder of the handout tomorrow.  The Lesson 14 PowerPoint is provided for reference.