Boyle’s Law

Before we began our study of Boyle’s Law, we reviewed Charles’s Law of Ideal Gases:

Continuing with our study of pressure and volume, students learned about Boyle’s Law in Lesson 58.  Class began with a Sci Guys video about Boyle’s Law:

After the video, students took down a few notes from the whiteboard (below) and then worked through the Lesson 58 Worksheet.  For reference, students are also encouraged to review the Lesson 58 PowerPoint.

Charles’s Law
Boyle’s Law
Whiteboard notes for the Lesson 58 lab


Seed Germination and Cellular Respiration

With our seed germination experiment coming to a close yesterday, students are taking a break from writing the lab report in order to add to their knowledge about plants. We began with a Crash Course video about vascular plants:

Next, each student was assigned to read pages 758-763 from the textbook Biology (Raven & Johnson, 4th Edition, 1996).  Students recorded definitions to vocabulary words and summarized sections using the Plants Notes organizer.  The organizer is due Friday, along with the Lab Report, and should help students improve Introduction sections and help support their writing of the Conclusion section later this week.