Data Analysis and Graphing

Today marks the final official day of data collection.  After collecting and recording Day 6 observations, students should complete their data table tracking how many of their seeds germinated.  Next, students should construct a data table showing how many seeds germinated as a percent of total seeds (per condition).  Finally, a graph of the percent germinated data needs to be made.  Both data tables and the graph need to be transferred to the Results section of the lab report.

The Results section should include a written explanation of what the data tables show.  Explain how each experimental condition affected seed germination, using the control bag of seeds as the comparison group.

Lab Report Checklist (how to know when you are done…for now)

  1. Introduction
  2. Procedure
  3. Results
    • Data Table #1 = # of seeds germinated
    • Data Table #2 = % of seeds germinated
    • Graph of Data Table #2
    • Explanation of what graph are (not what they mean)

Air Pressure

Lots of demonstrations today!  We will conduct as many demonstrations as time and resources permit.  Students are encouraged to watch the videos below to make additional observations and to help explain what is happening in each of the demonstrations.  Students will write observations and draw pictures of air molecules to visualize pressure using the space provided on the Lesson 57 Worksheet.  The Lesson 57 PowerPoint includes the definition of pressure.

Balloon in a bottle:

Soft drink can:

Submerged cup:

Air pressure mat:

Cup and card:

Balloon in a vacuum:


Egg in a bottle:

Extend Your Learning!

Ever wonder why is space a vacuum?  Great question!  Read the cleverly titled article Why is space a vacuum? and find out!