Data Collection and Measurements

With the first week of our experiment coming to a close, students should return Monday with the following sections of their lab reports completed:

  • Introduction – at least one paragraph, perhaps two, filled with information about germination (hook your reader!) and explaining why you selected your manipulated variable.
  • Procedure – detailed enough that a stranger could repeat exactly what you did!
  • Results with Data Table – create the data table in Google Sheets.  Keep track of the number of seeds that germinate each day.  Then use your data to calculate the percent of seeds that have germinated.  You will create a graph of the percent germinated data next week.  Additional data collected will improve your report and result in an improved lab report score.

All team members must participate equally to writing the lab report.  Pictures are a great way to show your reader both your procedure and your results.  Pictures can go in the Results section and should be clearly labeled and organized.

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