Observations and Data Table

Today, we focused on identifying the experimental data to include in the Results section of the Baggie Garden Experiment lab report.  We compared the pros and cons of collecting lots of data with collecting a focused amount of data.  Students identified, discussed, and justified which experimental endpoints they wanted to collect for their experiment, and then created data tables in their lab notebooks to collect the data.  Finally, students made their first careful observations of their baggie gardens and recorded their observations.  We discussed how to calculate percentages so students can track the percent of their seeds that have germinated (notes below):


Finally, students were shown an example spreadsheet created in Google Sheets.  The table below can be copied into Sheets and modified as needed:

Day 0 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 6
Experimental Condition 1
Experimental Condition 2
Experimental Condition 3

The slide deck includes lesson content, including a link to the Chia Pet video which is also available below.