Density, Temperature, and Fronts

In the final lesson of Chapter 10, students focused their learning of temperature and volume back on the concept of weather as it relates to warm and cold fronts and the formation of clouds.  We worked through the ChemCatalyst in the Lesson 55 PowerPoint and then watched a clip of Kenvin Delaney, Jimmy Fallon, and Lucy Liu experiment with matter of different densities:

Students then worked through the Lesson 55 Worksheet which calls for them to reference the Weather Variables worksheet from Lesson 49.  For homework, students were assigned textbook questions 1-6.

Setting up the Garden

Students established their Baggie Garden experiments today, setting up their experiment bags and one or more experimental control bags.  We began class with a brief overview of the day, and then students worked in groups to write a detailed experimental procedure.  Once their procedure was reviewed and teacher-approved, the students assembled their baggie gardens, using the resources available to test their hypotheses.

For groups testing temperature as their manipulated variable:

  • Freezer -10C
  • Refrigerator 9C
  • Room 23C
  • Warm box 30C

Tomorrow we will make our first experimental observations and then discuss how to organize how to collect and organize data relevant to each group’s research question.