Finding Yellowstone

As we enter our final unit of the year, it’s time to have some fun!  We will begin our ecosystem unit by planning a virtual road trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Working with a partner, create a Google Doc and include your responses to the following tasks:

  1. Plan your route: Map how you will travel from Burien to Yellowstone and back.  Where will you stop along the way and why?  How many miles long is the trip?  Neat places to visit:
  2. Pick your ride: How will you get there?
  3. Expenses!  Research the following:
    • How much money should you budget for gas?
    • How much money will you budget per meal?
    • How much money will you budget for lodging?
    • How much is the Yellowstone Park entry fee?
    • Any other expenses you should budget for?  Souvenirs?
  4. Yellowstone National Park highlights:
    • Research the natural wonders of the park!
    • What are five things you absolutely must see while at the park?

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