[H+] and pH

We elected to take our time working through Lesson 86.  We started the week with the Lesson 86 PowerPoint, connecting molar concentration of H+ or OH- with pH.  Students then transitioned to the Lesson 86 Worksheet, working in teams to sort through the Acid-Base Solution Cards used in Lesson 85.

On Wednesday, we powered through the Lesson 86 lab, collecting pH data from 10 different solutions.  Students did a fantastic job preparing concentrated stock solutions, diluting stock solutions, and measuring pH with our one functioning digital pH probe.  Results from both classes are shown below, with second period results in green and third period results in red.

On Thursday, class began with students completing the Chemistry Textbook Pilot Student Survey.  After the survey, we returned to the pH lab, analyzing our results in the context of a set of class notes (pictured below).  We also practiced calculating pH from molarity and molarity from pH.  Students were reminded that Google Chrome can be used as a calculator.  Desmos.com offers a nice web-based scientific calculator as well.

We ended the week on a lighter note, celebrating National Teflon Day (April 6) with videos (and notes) about acids and bases that are so strong, their activities fall outside the traditional 0-14 pH scale.

Some additional videos that might be helpful: