Evolutionary Biologist

Evolutionary Biologist


  • Individually: Read and follow ALL directions for Evolutionary Biologists on pgs 44-45 of the BSCS Biology Textbook.
  • Make sure the following information is written in your notebook:
    • Notes on Interview with an Evolutionary Biologist
    • Notes/diagrams of dissection
    • Coloring sheets complete
    • Answer to question 2e (pg 45)
    • Notes from essay, “Evidence for Evolution: Vestigial structures” Not the one in the book
    • Answer to question 3a (pg 45)
    • Answer to question 4 a-b (pg 45)
  • Team: Create a poster that you can use to explain to your classmates of how fossils form and how they can be dated. Use the half-slip in your packet that explains exactly what needs to be in your final presentation.
    1. Description of their career
    2. How each of the following is evidence for evolution
      • Comparison of chicken dissection wing with bat wing and human hand diagrams
      • Description of vestigial structures (what, why & how)
      • Description of homologous structures (what, why & how)

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