Developmental Biologist

Developmental Biologist


  • Individually: Read and follow directions for developmental biologist through 2d on pages 45-47 of the BSCS Biology textbook.
  • Individually: Write notes on Interview with Developmental Biologist
  • Team: Arrange the embryo drawings in order, compare with answer key, discuss questions in 2d.
  • Individually: Write explanations to questions in 2d.
  • Individually: Once you’ve completed 2d, read “How DNA provides evidence for evolution” and answer these questions in your notebook:
    • Where is DNA located and what does it do?
    • How is DNA used as evidence for evolution?
  • Team: Complete the Molecular Connection (cytochrome C) activity in packet.
  • Team: Prepare the poster for presenting with the class:
    1. Description of their career
    2. Embryology
      • What you learned from studying different stages of embryos from different organisms and how information is used as evidence for evolution
    3. DNA Comparison of Cytochrome C
      • Share the cladogram and explain how it was constructed
      • Summary about how DNA analysis contributes evidence to the theory of evolution

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