Reproductive Strategies Project

Class began with all students receiving a printed copy of the  Reproductive Strategies Project assignment.  We reviewed the assignment in class to ensure students understand the project deliverables.

Students may work alone or with one partner.

Presentations will take place on Thursday, February 15.  There will not be any time to work on presentations that day, so all work must be completed before class begins on the 15th.

For the presentation, you and your partner will make either a PowerPoint (Google Slides) or a poster.  For Google Slides presentations, you are welcome to include short videos (must be school appropriate!!!) depicting the reproductive strategies of one or both of the organisms you selected.  Remember, presentation time is limited to three minutes, so the videos must be brief, or you must identify a segment of the video to show in advance.

Need more challenge?  Add an organism – but select one from a different biological kingdom than the organisms you have already researched.  Remember, you must have two organisms in your presentation to earn full credit.  However, for each additional organism you include, you will earn 5 bonus points!  The six different kingdoms are pictured below: