Cell Structures Gizmo

For today’s Gizmo activity, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Explore Learning website.
  2. Click the Login/Enroll button (upper right).
  3. Enter the class code (written on the white board).
  4. Click the Enroll in Class button.
  5. Choose “I need to create…” option.
  6. Enter your First and Last name (not email!)
  7. Use your student numer (s-#######) as your username.
  8. Enter birthdate as password (MMDDYYYY)
  9. Click “Submit”
  10. Launch the Cell Structure Gizmo
  11. Complete the Student Exploration worksheet

Atomic Number and Mass

Lesson 12 from the textbook was introduced with a brief review of atomic number and atomic mass.  Key learnings:

  • Atomic number = # of protons in one atom of a given element
  • Protons have a positive charge
  • Electrons have a negative charge
  • Neutral atoms have equal numbers of protons and electrons
  • Atomic mass = (# of protons) + (# of neutrons) in one atom of a given element
  • Neutrons have no charge

Students then worked in pairs to complete the Lesson 12 Worksheet.  For homework, students were assigned Lesson 12 textbook questions 1-7 (page 60).

All students also received a copy of their progress report.  Students should make every effort to catch up on missing work this weekend and take notes on chapters 1-3 in preparation for the quiz on Tuesday.