Families of Elements

We decided to take a step back from the chemistry textbook treadmill today.  After a brief review of the Lesson 11 worksheet to help address some confusion students had about how to approach their work yesterday (whiteboard notes shown below), students assembled into groups of four to tackle the “Families of Elements” activity.  For their work, students divided up the reading for the activity, with each student responding to two of the questions in the accompanying worksheet.  After sharing answers as a group, students applied their enhanced understanding of the periodic table to a card sort activity.  Students grouped various attributes attributable to specific columns or sections of the periodic table, further reinforcing the key ideas we have learned thus far.

Inside the Cell / Organelle Flash Cards

Students were tasked with completing the reading from Chapter 1 of Inside the Cell (assigned yesterday) and turning in answers to the Got It questions on page 19.  Next, students received eight index cards on which to create flash cards of the following cell organelles:

  • cell membrane
  • cytoplasm
  • nucleus
  • ribosome
  • mitochondria
  • endoplasmic reticulum
  • Golgi apparatus
  • lysosome

On the front of the card, students wrote the name of the organelle.  On the back of the card, students explained the function of the organelle and were encouraged to draw a picture that would help them remember the function of the organelle.  The flash cards are due tomorrow and must be completed before the student can participate in the Gizmo simulations of cell structure and function.