Central Dogma: Mitosis Project Presentations

Today marked the first of two days allocated to student presentations of their Mitosis Projects.  Audience members were instructed to engage both by actively listening and also by taking the following notes in their lab notebooks:

  1. For each presentation, write down the most important thing learned;
  2. One question you still have about the topic;
  3. Add the main ideas to a network diagram to illustrate connections both with mitosis and between project topics.

A picture of one of the network diagrams constructed by one class period is shown below as an example of our work today:


Weather: Pressure and Number Density

Happy Pi Day!  We began class with a SciShow video about Pi (below) and students received an additional 20 minutes to finish the Chapter 11 quiz from Friday.  We then moved into Lesson 63, the first lesson of Chapter 12.  Students received copies of the Lesson 63 Worksheet, a companion handout with information connecting air pressure and temperature, and a calendar detailing lessons, assignments, and tests through the end of March.  Students are also welcome to review the Lesson 63 PowerPoint.  A picture of the white board with notes about the lab are also provided below.

FullSizeRender (11)