Weather: Molecular View of Pressure

We began class with the Meters, Liters, and Grams video:

After the video, we briefly reviewed the Metric System:

We worked through a few practice problems from Appendix A in the textbook (page A-0) which integrate the metric system and dimensional analysis.  After the

We then transitioned to Lesson 60, providing students the opportunity to make connections between Charles’s Law, Boyle’s Law, and Gay-Lussac’s Law.  Although we did not review it in class, the Lesson 60 PowerPoint is available for students to review.  The Lesson 60 Worksheet called for students to use a University of Colorado PhET simulation.  Because our Chromebooks are unable to run Java, students instead observed a teacher-led demonstration of the simulation software.  For homework, students were assigned textbook problems 3-9 (odds).  Students with access to a Windows-based computer are encouraged to try the simulation (embedded below):

Gas Properties

Click to Run

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