Energy, Matter, and Organization: How Humans Obtain Energy – Initial Model

Our work today is to organize student prior knowledge of how humans obtain energy into a model that can be revised over the course of the unit.  Recent learning from the Strength video and worksheet from Monday should be used to help students fill out the initial model worksheet.  The worksheet must be turned in at the end of class, so students should work efficiently to:

  1. Select one of the four scenarios from the video
  2. Review that scenario by watching that segment of the video (see Monday’s post for a link to the video)
  3. Draw and label the body systems involved (including the major organs of the body systems) on the worksheet
  4. Explain how the person in the scenario both gets and uses the energy and matter needed to survive in the scenario.
  5. Complete the three questions on the back of the worksheet, answering as completely as possible.
  6. Turn in the worksheet at the end of class for credit.

For a review of body systems, visit the website and watch the Crash Course body systems videos to learn more about body systems relevant to the selected scenario.

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