Matter, Atomic Structure, and Bonding: Polyatomic Ions

We elected to skip the Lesson 21 game and instead focused on answering student questions and continuing the work of learning how to name ionic compounds.  We transitioned to Lesson 22, introducing the concept of polyatomic ionic compounds.  Students were introduced to some of the more common polyatomic anions and cations, with a list of some of the compounds discussed pictured below:


Cells & Homeostasis: Unit 1 Final Exam Review

As Unit 1 draws to a close, today students spent the first part of class completing the HAB PBL Post-Assessment worksheet which will be used to assess student growth in understanding the content and in helping to determine how individual points are allocated for each member of the group.  For the second half of class, we reviewed for the Unit 1 exam by matching a list of cell organelles with a list of organelle functions:


Next, we reviewed the structure of cell membranes and then finished with a review of osmosis:

IMG_0103 IMG_0104