Cells & Homeostasis: Cell Organelle Networks

Students received their quizzes from last Friday and we reviewed how to analyze network diagrams.  Students learned that when analyzing an edge between two nodes, the arrow of the edge points to the receiving node.  For example, of Student A calls Student B, the students would be nodes, and the edge would start at Student A and point toward Student B.

Next, students had time to complete and/or review their organelle flash cards from yesterday.  Students were told yesterday that the flash cards were due today, but with the Illuminate website down for much of the day, students received an extra day to complete the flash cards with the expectation that Illuminate is back up reliably tomorrow.  Students then worked in small groups of 3-4 and were assigned to draw either a plant cell or an animal cell.  First, the drawing must include all of the organelles found in the assigned cell type.  Second, students must research interactions between the organelles.  Finally, students will use their drawing to construct a network diagram, with each organelle serving as a node, and the relationships between the organelles serving as the edges.  Each node must have at least one edge originating from it.  Students were permitted to use all available resources, including the class textbook, the purple book (Inside the Cell), and scientifically reliable websites accessed from their phones.  Students will have the class period tomorrow to complete the project and Chromebooks will be available.  Students are encouraged to research relationships between the organelles as homework this evening.

Student Work Examples:

Plant Cell Organelle Network Diagram
Plant Cell Organelle Network Diagram
Animal Cell Organelle Network Diagram
Animal Cell Organelle Network Diagram
Animal Cell with Organelles
Animal Cell with Organelles

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